"If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30, you are old; if it is completely flexible at 60, you are young." Joseph Pilates
"If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30,you are old; if it is completely flexible at 60,you are young."                                                       Joseph Pilates

Body Control Pilates Code of Conduct

Body Control Pilates teachers adhere to a Code of Practise that governs teaching standards and professional ethics.

All members of the BCPA:


·   fully subscribe to this Code of Practice and recognise it as a minimum framework      for their own teaching and professional practise.


.    will only teach in areas where they hold a level of certificatin deemed acceptable        by the Body Control Pilates education and memberhsip organisations.


.    shall hold adequate and valid insurance cover, provided by a recognised                    organisation.


·   shall hold a current certificate in Basic Life Support (CPR)


·   shall hold Criminal Records Bureau clearance (or a local equivalent if not resident      in the UK) if they regularly teach children of 16 years or younger on an                      unsupervised basis.


·   shall, at no time, misrepresent their qualifications or, similarly, misrepresent the        BCPA or other Body Control Pilates companies or the Body Control Pilates method      in general.


·   shall ensure that any advertising or promotional material be wholly accurate in          respect of qualification and services, and shall only feature references to the              BCPA, other Body Control Pilates companies, and other associated professional          organisations bodies of which they hold membership, in an approved and agreed      way.


·   will handle all enquiries in a prompt, courteous and business-like manner and            shall, where they are unable to meet the requirements of the client, refer them to      another suitably-qualified teacher.


·   will always display high standards of professionalism with regard to their                    appearance, their actions and their teaching environment.


·   will not, when teaching for an employer or on behalf of another teacher, seek in        any way to actively recruit clients from that employer or teacher into their own            classes.


·   will give full attention to the comfort and safety of clients at all times. Where a            member leads a group class, such classes will normally have a maximum of                twelve participants, except where the member is assisted by another qualified            teacher.


·   acknowledge that it is the teacher’s duty to assess all clients upon enrolment and,      thereafter, to only prescribe exercises that are wholly suitable for the age,                  experience and physical condition of the client.


·   shall, when he/she has insufficient knowledge of, or no direct experience of, a          specific client’s condition, seek advice from another Pilates teacher with relevant        experience or knowledge, or from a specialist practitioner.


·   will treat all information received from a client, or about a client from a                      practitioner, as wholly confidential. Such information shall not be released to a          third party without the full consent of the client and shall be stored securely and        in accordance with requirements of the UK Data Protection Act (or local                      equivalent).


.    shall continue to develop their professional knowledge and competence in Pilates      and related subjects by gaining the required level of Continued Professional              Development (CPD) Points set by the Body Control Pilates Association as a                  condition of membership. Such points are to be accrued by attending recognised        courses and professional development events and activities. Members will submit      an annual log of such activity to the BCPA office with the reference document for        CPD Points being the current BCPA CPD Record Card.



Complaints Procedure


In addition to the rights granted by sections 9 and 10 of the Articles of Association*, the Council reserves the rights to investigate any written complaint that a teaching member has not adhered to the content of this Code, and to take action to enforce the standards of the Code, including removing or suspending the rights of the member to use the name and/or trade marks granted through their membership of the Body Control Pilates Association. Should such a complaint be received, the member concerned will be notified of the nature of the complaint and, where appropriate, a hearing will be held to address the matter. The decision of the Council will be final.

Current Term Dates

Summer Term


Mon      3rd June - 15th July

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Thurs   6th June - 18th July


This is a 7 week term



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