"If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30, you are old; if it is completely flexible at 60, you are young." Joseph Pilates
"If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30,you are old; if it is completely flexible at 60,you are young."                                                       Joseph Pilates

Privacy Policy

This website is protected by a valid SSL certificate operatred by 1&1 Internet Ltd who operate as web host for this website. This means that the transmission path between the 1&1 servers and the internet browers used by visitors to this website, is encrypted to prevent access by unwanted 3rd parties.
Precise Pilates place the utmost importance on your privacy, so please rest assured that any personal information that you give will remain securely stored and will never be shared with any third-party organisations. You will only be asked for information that we feel we must have in order to ensure that we can meet your needs and expectations as efficiently and effectively as possible.
Precise Pilates will NEVER contact you unless you have consented for us to do so, by completing the 'Contact Me' form, or by a direct phone call and/or Voicemail message.
Precise Pilates will only hold your name, email address and a contact number in order to discuss you enquiry. During this discussion details of any previous pilates experience and any medical history will be taken.
  • This may lead to you joining a class/taking up private sessions, your information will then be used to send an enrolment form and then to communicate about your class, dates, cancellations, swap sessions etc.

Once you leave Precise Pilates classes your personal data (in digital form) will be destroyed and you will not be contacted again. Your enrolment form will be kept for 7 years to conform to our Insurance requirements. After this period paperwork is shredded in a cross shredder.

  • If private sessions aren't practical and there isn't a suitable class available, you will be asked if you'd like to be added to the current 'Waiting List'. You will only ever be added at your request. The Waiting List comprises of all the previously mentioned information. You will be contacted (via text or email) when a suitable class becomes available. If you decide to continue then enrolment forms are sent as per the paragraph above.

If the proposed class isn't appropriate, then you can ask to be removed from the waiting list and no fuirther contact is made, or to remain on the list for future opportunities.

All digital information is held on a password controlled device.

Your rights.

You have the right to ask for your details to be removed from our files unless you are a current client andyour details need to be held for insurance purposes.


You may ask to check the information that we hold and request any changes to be made if the details are no longer accurate.




Current Term Dates

Spring Term


Mon      15th Apr - 20th May

Tues     16th Apr - 21st May

Weds    17th Apr - 22nd May

Thurs   18th Apr - 23rd May


This is a 6 week term



I am unable to offer any Beginner Classes or Private Sessions for the foreseeable future










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Precise Pilates

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Tel:- 07809 759858

Email:- sallycullum@precisepilates.co.uk

Physical Fitness can neither be achieved by wishful thinking nor outright purchase.

                               Joseph Pilates

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