"If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30, you are old; if it is completely flexible at 60, you are young." Joseph Pilates
"If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30,you are old; if it is completely flexible at 60,you are young."                                                       Joseph Pilates


Are you interested in starting pilates classes for the first time?


                                Have you just moved into the area and are looking for a                                           local class to continue your pilates practise?


Have you been advised by a medical professional that you should practise pilates to strengthen your core or perhaps to help improve a back problem?


                                Have you become disillusioned or frustrated with your                                             current pilates class?


Does your current class continually take on beginners? Do you feel your development has become stagnent because of this? 


Here are some genuine testimonials from current class members, some have started as a total beginner, some have just moved into the area and wanted to continue with their pilates, some have a 'bad back' and were advised by a physio, chiropractor or oesteopath to start pilates, some have come from other classes and needed their pilates refreshed.


If you have any doubts about joining a Precise Pilates class then maybe these testimonials will help you make the right decision.

" I just wanted to say how delighted I am with the ongoing results that I have noticed since joining your class. I have suffered with a very dodgy lower back (amongst other things!) for many years now with sometimes very little relief, reducing me to agony and immobility - once famously leaning forward to plump up a cushion.

I suddenly realised that it is probably over a year or so since I have had any repeat of this. The joyous difference it makes in relief and wariness is huge!  I believe it is 100% due to your professional teaching, patience, eye for detail and expertise from which we all benefit hugely. This is in direct contrast to several years with a different instructor where we lived in Devon prior to moving here and joining your class some two plus years ago.

I am always impressed that you have obviously carefully pre-planned a well balanced class format. I do enjoy the often challenging aspects of them despite my grimaces and general moaning, its great fun, with a huge sense of achievement at the end.

The results speak for themselves and I am so pleased at my progress..... and I hope you are too ?!?!


                                                                                 Deborah - Thornbury


"I have a condition known as Pars defect, where one of the bottom vertebrae has slipped, and this causes me some discomfort occassionally. It was suggested that Pilates would improve my core stability, which it has - I no longer get pain in my back, and feel better able to lift things without the fear of causing further damage to my back.

However, the unexpected bonus is my mental health, for many years I have been prescribed venlafaxine to allieviate anxiety. Since Pilates I am now no longer taking it, I have found that being able to have control of my body I am able to an extent to control my anxiety. This I believe is due to controlled breathing and relaxation which delivers the optimum balance of oxygen etc to my brain."


                                                                                   Martin - Thornbury

" Before doing pilates my back was so stiff and painful in the mornings I could barely put my socks on! Since I have been doing pilates I am a lot more supple and I never suffer from a stiff back in the mornings!"

                                                                                   Kate - Wotton


"Sally has become a very competent, caring and up to date instructor. I would have no reservations in proposing anyone to join in - we can even swap sessions, which I feel is a big bonus."

                                                                                   Carol - Thornbury


"It is suitable for most people whatever your level of fitness, age or size. The exercises are designed to use all the muscles in your body, thus improving balance and flexibility.  In our class our laughter muscles are very well used, frequently."


                                                                                   Jean - Thornbury


"I started Pilates with Sally 5 years ago with only a little previous knowledge, and now I know how little that was! I'm in my early 60's but still play badminton competitively despite a very arthritic knee. I'm not sure that would be possible without the regular discipline of Pilates and its exercises to improve and maintain my muscle strength and core stability. One of sally's strengths is to acknowledge and recognise the needs or any limitations of her students, and build in variations within exercises to accommodate us all. We work hard, but she has a knack of making it fun too!"


                                                                                   Bronny - Wotton


"In January 2010 I started Pilates with Sally Cullum it's become an important part of my week and I hate to miss a lesson. Sally makes sure that everyone can perform the tasks to the best of their ability. She continually moves around the room during our lesson and is able to check if we are in the correct postures and help us.  I find a couple of the exercises a bit challenging and Sally modifies them to suit my ability, and I am definitely noticing an improvement. Precise Pilates classes are most uplifting for the mind and the body."

                                                                                    Sue - Charfield


" I have been with Sally since she started at Thornbury 5 years ago. She has been the best teacher I have studied with, thee have been 5 previous teachers. Sally is very particular that the moves are completed correctly, and she moves around the class adjusting where necessary.The classes are great fun and you learn not to answer when she asks if you have done enough, because you will then have to complete more!"

                                                                                   Cathy - Thornbury


"For the last 30 years I have suffered with a re-occuring back problem and was recommended to attend Pilates Classes.   I've been attending Sally's classes for a number of years during which time my back has improved.  My back rarely goes into spasm - in fact I can't recall when it last did!   Completing the exercises under Sally's careful supervision has increased my core strength, maintained flexibility and improved my rotation.  Sally gives clear instructions and monitors carefully that you are carrying out movements correctly so reducing any risk of damage.  All with a great sense of humour!   So not only are her classes beneficial but also enjoyable."


                                                                                     Eryl - Thornbury


"I have attended Sally's Pilates classes for over a year now and it has significantly improved my quality of life. Having had a spinal operation 5 years ago and struggling with lower back pain ever since, it is easy to stop doing anything you think may hurt when in fact this is the worst thing for it. Through Sally's classes I have rediscovered my core muscles which has helped my posture and subsequently taken some pressure off my spine. I feel 100% secure in the knowledge that Sally will adjust me when I am positioned wrong, and provide an alternative when I am having a bad pain day and unable to do all of the exercises. She has a commitment to developing her knowledge which is reflected in her session plans and keeps things interesting, whilst her sense of humour keeps things fun! I would recommend Sally's classes to anyone- there are people of all ages, abilities and ailments and despite being pushed to limits we didn't know we could reach, we always go back for more!"


                                                                                   Emily - Wotton


"I have been attending Sally's pilates classes for a number of years and have always enjoyed them. Sally has a good sense of humour and uses this to get the best out of her class. The classes are always varied and enjoyable and I look forward to my class each week"

                                                                                   Sandy - Thornbury


"Thank you Sally for keeping me moving! Your classes always include some challenges, without being impossible for those of us that creek and groan. You are meticulous at making sure we perform the exercises correctly, no mater how long it takes for us to get it right. I highly recommend Sally to family and friends."


                                                                                   Chris - Thornbury


"I thought I was fit, I do regular exercise (swimming, gardening and have done yoga and tai chi) but have now found muscles I didn't know I had especially on trying to do the '100.' Core balance and co-ordination are needed to stay young and healthy in 'body & mind'. You need to be able to stand up and put your leg in your pants. Once you have to sit down to do it, there's no return!

                                                                                    Dianne - Thornbury




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Physical Fitness can neither be achieved by wishful thinking nor outright purchase.

                               Joseph Pilates

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