"If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30, you are old; if it is completely flexible at 60, you are young." Joseph Pilates
"If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30,you are old; if it is completely flexible at 60,you are young."                                                       Joseph Pilates

I remember seeing Lynn Robinson (Body Control Pilates Co-founder) one morning on the television and being drawn into her mini demonstration of exercises that looked simple but challenging - the idea of working your body primarily against gravity appealed to me.


At that time I was a working mum with 2 young, active boys, juggling their needs with an admin job as well as running a home (much like many of my clients today)

'Me' time was very limited and I liked the idea that pilates had a focus on relaxation as well as an opportunity to finally tone up my 'baby belly.'


I joined a local Body Control Pilates class in Thornbury and found it to be as relaxing as I'd hoped but still challenging, both mentally and physically - the hour just seemed to go so quickly. I was often amazed at how energised I'd feel when leaving the class - often feeling as if I could run the 8 miles home - not bad for someone who dislikes running with a passion!


Changes with my job and with my boys getting older and disliking having to go into 'holiday club' whilst I went to the office, mean't I had to find another career - Pilates seemed to be the answer.


After completing a thorough and extensive teacher training course, involving many weekends of studying at the Body Control Centre in London, personal practise, supervised teaching training with various teachers around the UK, written and practical exams, I became a fully certified Body Control Pilates teacher in Sept 2009.


I currently run 11 classes a week in Thornbury, Charfield and Wotton-under-Edge.


I am fortunate to have a lovely group of clients, both male and female, with ages in general from 30's to mid 80's. As a result of me being a working mum, trying to juggle too many things, I have an infinity with many of my clients - I understand the need to sometimes just lie on the floor, listen to gentle music and simply relax, and I also know how all the exercises feel, which ones are enjoyable and which ones less so! I know where it's possible to cheat a little and I also know when it's necessary to pay particular attention to a specific area of the body to prevent injury - Clients will often grumple that I see too much, usually when they are trying to cheat.


 I try to make the classes fun as well as paying close attention to technical detail and maintaining the integrity of each exercise. Each class has it's own friendly

atmosphere, and new clients are made to feel very welcome and part of the group from the very start. Some classes even arrange their own social outing once or twice a year.


For me, the best part of being a pilates instructor is the lovely feedback you get from clients, some who were perhaps referred by a medical professional and who say that they haven't had (usually back) issues since coming to classes, or those who can touch their toes for the first time ever. The faces on beginners when they are shown how a simple exercise will progress into something much more challenging, most of them dismissing their ability to ever manage the exercise - only to discover a few weeks later that they've achieved it.









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Mon      15th Apr - 20th May

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This is a 6 week term



I am unable to offer any Beginner Classes or Private Sessions for the foreseeable future










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Physical Fitness can neither be achieved by wishful thinking nor outright purchase.

                               Joseph Pilates

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